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Point Cloud to As-Built Revit 3D Modeling for a building

Updated: May 19, 2023

In case of renovation projects, it becomes necessary to obtain the requisite permissions from higher level authorities. And for that reason the BIM model is very important. Based on the model, the needed permissions are given. The clients required permissions for some refurbishment of the existing interiors along with some other changes. Our team created the floor plan for the building

Case Study

“As-Built, Revit Model and updating of old CAD drawings of 3 levels of a building .”

Industry: Design, construction, and management solutions

Inputs: Point cloud data, drawings, scans, and 360 ° photos derived from drones and laser scanners

Deliverables: As-Built Revit model, final PDF files with elevations, floor plans, ceiling plans, cover sheets, etc.

Why choose us

  • Our 3D BIM engineering team collated all the .rcs point cloud files sent by the client and cleaned up unnecessary duplicates

  • On the basis of the inputs provided by the client, proposed dimensions were assumed for scans with low density and the 3D model was built and sent to the client for approval

  • Various floor plans, site plans, elevations, sections, and other deliverables were built based on the model

  • The final files were checked to ensure that all quality standards are met

Project brief

3D model and as-built drawings delivered before the planned schedule

An accurate As-Built 3D model with 5mm to 10mm accuracy was developed within the given timeframe from point cloud data. Our deliverables included 3D model and a complete set of drawings with floor plans, building sections, site plans, roof plans, and more.

As Built Modeling

We collaborate with our clients to provide solutions for the following detailing services.

  • Architectural BIM Modeling

  • Structural BIM Modeling

  • MEP BIM Modeling

  • Design Coordination & Clash Detection

  • Scan to BIM

  • As built Modeling

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