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Our Mission

BRAMCON Solutions is a quality-driven outsourcing company that offers well-defined, intuitive and accurate 3D Laser scanning modeling, BIM and steel structural detailing and designing services to the global clientele since our inception. Being a leading consultancy, highly qualified, skilled and technically sound professionals are our true assets!

Institutional Relationship Wing

Company has established the mechanism for regular interaction & sharing platforms with Engineering Colleague Professors & students. This ensures a continuous exchange of information on latest technologies & practices in industries, which give the opportunity to students to be in sync with overall technological developments. This has contributed to bridging the gap between Industry & Academics. The company take free Technology seminars for students as well as industry on field Bus Communication technologies; Connectivity & Interfacing solutions.

Corporate Builidng

About Us

We are a leading specialist in providing customized solutions for our clients in the field of 3D As-Built Modeling, BIM and Engineering Services across multiple segments. We help our clients to improve their efficiency through successful project management & deliveries by catering our services across their global footprints and improve their competitiveness. With the implementation of technology, our domain expertise & robust work planning methodology, we ensure an effective delivery model for our clients. We have emerged as the "most preferred subcontracting partner" of choice by our clients across the globe.

We have been successful in understanding and integrating our client's needs to deliver the most efficient solution for their project management. We act as a virtual extension team for our clients by delivering qualitative solutions through a per-project basis, Offshore Development Center and On-Site Resource Placement business models. 


The company is headquartered in Bangalore (India), which is considered as the “Silicon Valley of India”. We also have our international presence across various geographies.

BRAMCON SOLUTIONS would like to provide your team with our expertise in renovations, laser scanning, and modeling. 2D Drafting,  BIM Department has extensive experience in major renovation projects and utilizes technologies, like laser scanning, to help deliver a successful project. 


  • Delivery Experience: Our in-house team is capable of accomplishing the 3D Laser Scanning & Modeling, BIM, Engg Services and structural drafting projects of any scale and complexity.

  • Project Management: The deep domain expertise of our task force, we deliver projects within time frames and enable our clients to stay profitable.

  • Scalability: Our engineers deliver solutions that meet the changing  industry demands which are becoming bespoke by each passing day

  • Process Innovation: Our engineers and design support solutions aim at reducing design cycle time and proceed with getting the designs right the first time to save cost and be in the project time frame.

  • Communication Transparency: Our design support and drafting teams keep you informed about the project progress.

Experienced Leadership


Bengaluru, India

+1 719-203-7648

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