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3D Metrology Services & Reverse Engineering

BRAMCON SOLUTIONS offers a wide range of metrology services, to solve the needs of your company. The Metrology services are focus on different areas:

3D Metrology

3D SCANNING: We are providing 3D scanning services by our latest available Scanner systems with high accuracy and resolutions. Our these services include QC measurements & Inspections (Engineering), Scanning, Reverse engineering, prototype development- inspection & modeling, etc.


REVERSE ENGINEERING : We provide Reverse Engineering Service.Our experience in the reverse engineering is so much anything we can reverse Engineered to creating models that matches original as-designed bases.

Reverse engineering makes this possible - extracting data and design information from an object or product with the intent of reproducing it in a new design.

We specialize in:

  • 3D scanning image capture

  • 3D design and reverse engineering

  • 3D inspections and analysis

  • 3D printable models and rapid prototyping

  • Parametric CAD modeling and NURB modeling


We provide 3D Printing services to help you to reduce the time and cost of your prototyping processes. Our services enable you to modify the digital model and to print in 3D until the correct result is achieved, prior to initiating full-scale production.



3D scanning for reverse engineering creates 3D design CAD models directly from physical parts. Through the reverse engineering process, we extract the digital shape of physical objects that may have insufficient design documentation or that require CAD data for modern manufacturing methods.

The scanning process allows a component to be quickly and accurately reverse engineered.

The 3-dimensional data that is collected and modeled, can be used to troubleshoot, reproduce, study, analyze, inspect or can be applied to other future applications i.e. product enhancements. 3D CAD models can be easily updated for changes in the product design and/or tool or die design. Tools and dies can even be generated by using the surface models created by our 3D reverse engineering services.



BRAMCON Reverse Engineering Services team will help you.

  • 3D design and reverse engineering

  • 3D inspections and analysis

  • 3D printable models and rapid prototyping

  • Parametric CAD modeling and NURB modeling

  • Product Design a new part to fix.

  • Performance surfaces

  • Update CAD models for part tooling needs.

  • redesign a product or part without manufacturing defects.

  • Modernize your manufacturing process.



3D Printing refers to the processes used to create a three-dimensional object in which layers of a given material are formed under computer control to create an object.


Since 3D Printing's invention, the first applications were focused on Rapid Prototyping and as a way to visualize models in pre-production phases. Since then, 3D Printing has evolved and is being used to create end-use products across almost all industries namely Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive, Commercial Products, Consumer Goods, Consumer Electronics, Defense, Dental, Education, Medical, Jewelry, and Molding/Casting Industries

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