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Steel structure design & detailing

Updated: May 19, 2023

Creating 3D Model from the design GA drawings and Extract 2D drawings More detailed drawing of a Structural member with accurate dimension, shape, location, orientation and quantity..

Design with Ease

The input data received is processed based on data type received, and scope of project mentioned by client to create 3D Model.

Project Details

Project Name:

Business Park Project

Scope Of Work:

Main Steel, Joist co-ordination, MISC Steel.


Design drawing.


Assembly drawing, Part drawing, Erection Plans,

.DWG,NC files & .IFC file.

Why Choose US!

Get in touch with the Best Steel detailing / design and Engineering Service in India

BRAMCON team work closely with fabricators, architects, structural engineers and installers to guaranty a successful project. We produce a full set of fabrication drawings for every project. Our structural engineering services involving following services with structural steel design and Detailing:

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