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Structural Detailing

BRAMCON Solutions offers excellent, consistent, and cost-effective Structural designing & drafting solutions for clients across the globe. With the ease of availability of steel structural and detailing consultancy services from us, it is possible to complete any project within the set deadline and within the specified budget.With our expertise in the field of engineering drawings, especially structural designing & drafting, we can cater to the diverse requirements and specifications mentioned by the client. We understand that time-bound projects need to be completed at the right pace. But that mustn’t affect the quality of the job.

Our team of skilled and experienced structural engineers can help in the completion of structural designing & drafting for any project. With appropriate knowledge and adequate skills, they are able to handle different types of projects as required by the clients. We take pride on the quality of the work, as is reflected in our completed projects.

We are also known for its high quality service available at affordable rates. This makes us your perfect partner for every project pertaining to structural designing & drafting. Get in touch with us with your queries, opinions, and suggestions via email or call us. We will help you with the right services suited to your needs.


BRAMCON team work closely with fabricators, architects, structural engineers and installers to guaranty a successful project. We produce a full set of fabrication drawings for every project. Our structural engineering services involving following services with structural steel design and Detailing:

  • Structural CAD Drafting.

  • Shop Drawings.

  • Structural Design.

  • Steel Structure Detailing.

  • Structural 3D model.

Why outsource structural drafting services to us?

  • Delivery Experience: Our in-house team is capable of accomplishing the structural drafting projects of any scale and complexity.

  • Project Management: The deep domain expertise of our task force, we deliver projects within time frames and enable our clients to stay profitable.

  • Scalability: Our structural drafters and steel detailers deliver robust structural solutions that meet the changing AEC industry demands which are becoming bespoke by each passing day

  • Process Innovation: Our structural drafting and design support solutions aim at reducing design cycle time and proceed with getting the designs right first time to save cost and be in project time frame.

  • Communication Transparency: Our design support and drafting teams keep you informed about the design progress so that contractors and structural engineers can take informed decisions and remove bottlenecks.

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